xFusion is a market-leading global provider of advanced server solutions

xFusion Digital Technologies is a leading global provider of server infrastructure and services. xFusion continuously creates value for customers and partners and accelerates the industry’s digital transformation. Currently, xFusion serves customers in 130 countries and regions, including 211 Fortune 500 companies, and spans the financial, telco, Internet, transportation and energy sectors.

Rack Servers

FusionServer Series rack servers are the ideal choice for cloud computing, virtualization, HPC, Big Data, Data Warehouse and SAP HANA scenarios.

High density servers

FusionServer high-density servers are ideal for service applications such as cloud computing, web-based applications and HPC.

GPU Servers

FusionServer GPU servers are designed for data centers and are applicable to AI, HPC, database and video analytics scenarios.

Rack-scale full liquid cooling server

A new benchmark for the computing power of market-leading high-density liquid-cooled systems

Intelligent management software platform

xFusion provides a simple, intelligent and secure server lifecycle management software platform

Certified hyperconverged (HCI) solutions for VMware and Microsoft environments, and HPC solutions are also available.


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