Helps security teams stop breaches by turning disconnected data and signals into trustworthy insights.

LogRhythm provides Security Operations Center (SOC) solutions to help customers build a more resilient defense and maximize ROI. Its security solutions include a cloud-native, UEBA, NDR and a self-hosted SIEM platform.

With the ability to connect the dots between different sources of logs and threat intelligence and the use of sophisticated machine learning that detects suspicious anomalies in network traffic and user behavior, LogRhythm accurately detects cyber threats and enables professionals to intervene quickly and efficiently.

With cloud-native and self-hosted deployment flexibility, out-of-the-box integrations, and consulting services, LogRhythm makes it easy to quickly realize value and adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape.
Together, LogRhythm and its customers confidently monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to cyber attacks. Here’s how it strengthens your defense against emerging cyber threats:

Offered solutions:

LogRhythm Axon

Built to be easily scalable and manageable, Axon provides automated and centralized visibility into SaaS, cloud self-hosted and on-prem environments, simplifying the identification, analysis, reporting and management of potential threats.

LogRhythm SIEM

With intuitive, high-performance analytics, enhanced collection, and a seamless incident response workflow, LogRhythm SIEM helps organizations uncover threats, mitigate attacks, streamline analyst workflow, and meet necessary mandates from a single platform.

LogRhythm NetMon

It protects your organization by efficiently monitoring and analyzing network traffic with deterministic and machine-learning rules to surface the most relevant threats that attack outside the perimeter.

LogRhythm UEBA

LogRhythm UEBA, a cloud-native add-on solution to SIEM, uses machine learning to add additional layers of security monitoring to help organizations protect against potential user-related threats and prioritize results for investigations and responses that are difficult to detect using only deterministic rules.


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