Device Security Posture Management

Security risks due to device misconfigurations are a serious sticking point for all organizations. A recent report states that more than 80% of ransomware attacks are attributable to misconfigurations. Today, organizations are attempting to address this risk without automation.

These manual efforts are ineffective because they are slow, costly, and prone to errors and inconsistencies. Addressing this complex risk effectively requires continuous threat and environmental monitoring coupled with automated remediation.

GYTPOL is a security device configuration management platform which provides a complete and fully automated reinforcement solution. It replaces a number of manual and complex processes with a simplified and automated repair solution. Continuously monitors and detects misconfigurations on Windows, Linux and macOS devices (and soon network and IoT devices).

The real power of GYTPOL comes from its AUTOMATIC ZERO-IMPACT REMEDIATION. This means it solves the problem without breaking anything, observing the impact through usage. The solution helps organizations increase their security level by eliminating configuration blind spots and also provides a clear ROI through automation of manual processes.


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