Security, communication and network management software solutions managed through GFI AppManager, the brand new remote management and monitoring console.

GFI Software, founded in 1992, is a leading developer of enterprise-quality software, serving a wide range of businesses. With a global presence and a customer base exceeding 40,000, it offers solutions for on-prem and cloud deployments and provides flexible licensing options, including annual and usage-based subscriptions.

GFI Software is renowned for its suite of solutions that address various IT needs, including security, communication and network management. The revolutionary GFI AppManager, a brand-new remote management and monitoring console, allows managed service providers as well as enterprise end-clients to integrate all their accounts and products into a single interface.

GFI Security
More than 40% of hacker attacks affect small and medium-sized businesses. Protect your business and your customers with patch management, antivirus/antimalware, a state-of-the-art firewall, and an easy-to-use VPN.

GFI Network Management
Make sure the applications your business relies on run smoothly on your network. Save money by managing existing bandwidth.

GFI Communications
Don’t pay more than necessary and don’t give up your data security and privacy to use collaboration tools. Email, calendar, chat, digital fax and archiving easy to implement and use.


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