Network packet visibility solutions for network monitoring and security: Network TAP, Packet Broker and cloud visibility.

Garland Technology is a specialized in TAP (Test Access Points) network visibility solutions. The range includes breakout Network TAPs, inline bypass TAPs, Network Packet Borokers, (NPB) and cloud visibility solutions.

Network TAP

Provide Complete Visibility for High-performance Monitoring Solutions

Network Packet Brokers

Purpose-built and Specialized for Today’s Needs

Inline Bypass

Providing Ultimate Reliability for Inline Edge Security

Garland Technology offers a wide range of products focused on network visibility and security. Here are some of the main products:

  • Network TAP: Garland Technology’s Network Test Access Points make full duplex copies of network data without affecting network traffic, providing the complete visibility that and high-performance monitoring and security solutions require today.
  • Network Packet Broker: appliances with specific features designed to optimize network traffic to improve the performance of monitoring and security tools. Available features include packet filtering, aggregation, load balancing, deduplication, packet slicing and time stamping.
  • Inline Bypass: Provide reliable accessibility and resiliency management for inline security tools such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems, realizing traffic bypass in case of failure or maintenance of inline tools
  • Visibility Solutions for the Cloud: They extend monitoring and security capabilities to the cloud.

These products are designed to improve network security and performance by providing system administrators with the tools they need to monitor and protect critical network infrastructure.


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