Dynamic protection of employees while browsing the web, through Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


Thanks to its innovative architecture and proprietary AI methodologies, ERMES  increases protection from web threats by reducing the exposure window from days to minutes compared to traditional solutions on the market. By analyzing every single web page, Ermes offers dynamic protection based not only on the reputation of the web pages but also on their actual behavior.


Autonomy and total compatibility

The Ermes solution operates independently and autonomously from other corporate security systems. The technology is effective whatever the architecture and security ecosystem adopted by the organization, preventing web attacks aimed at people.

Effortless simplicity

Ermes is easy to use, easy to set up and easy to manage, ensuring protection for all employees while browsing. The centralized dashboard allows for security monitoring and configuration of all connected devices, and is instantly enabled and allows for granular customization of the solution.

Intelligence and automation

Ermes updates automatically and in real time to allow continuous protection even from the most recent cyber threats. This is possible thanks to its patented algorithms based on artificial intelligence and deep learning.


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