Deep Instinct blocks new and unknown threats with the highest accuracy and lowest false positive rate, to stop attacks before they can explode.

The Deep Instinct prevention platform blocks known, unknown, and zero-day threats with the highest accuracy and lowest false positive rate in the industry. For organizations, this means reduced risk, increased SOC efficiency, and the knowledge that attackers have lost their edge. With a detection accuracy of known, unknown and zero-day threats greater than 99%, a guaranteed false positive rate of less than 0.1%, plus a $3 million ransomware guarantee backed by Munich Re, the Deep Instinct platform fulfills the promise of true prevention.

Deep Instinct prevents threats before they execute, unlike detection & response solutions that try to spot anomalous behavior after the attacker has already installed droppers and artifacts on the network.

Deep Instinct’s platform reduces breach risk by detecting attackers early and blocking threats 750 times faster than the fastest known ransomware can begin to encrypt.

Deep Instinct prevents endpoint attacks with end-to-end static analytics and multi-level dynamic analytics. To address the attacker even more quickly, Deep Instinct also prevents malware beyond the endpoint by scanning files in transit from applications, local storage, private and public cloud, and web gateways to prevent uploading or downloading malicious files and ensuring the integrity of your IT environment.


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