Cynet provides an ‘autopilot’ capable of better governing IT security, even in contexts characterized by limited resources or insufficient skills.

Cynet is the world’s first AutoXDR – Autonomous Breach Protection – to natively integrate the attack prevention and detection capabilities of Endpoint, User, Network, LOG and Cloud – XDR – with an incident engine that fully automates investigation actions and remediation, backed by a world-class 24/7 MDR service. Fully automated, end-to-end breach protection is now within the reach of any organization, regardless of size or skill level of the security team.

The platform includes the following solutions:

Prevention, detection, IT and security operations

It prevents and detects threats in your IT environment, reduces risk from SaaS applications, and has all the operational capabilities you need in one easy-to-use platform for end-to-end security.

Automated survey and response

It allows you to achieve the key capabilities of SOAR by fully automating all the response actions required to reduce the load and increase the skills of the security team.

Log management and event correlation

It enables you to achieve the key capabilities of SIEM by integrating and correlating alert and anomalous activity data to transform them into manageable incidents and uncover threats in your IT environment.

CyOps MDR 24/7

Continuous monitoring and response

It grants you full access to a world-class managed security service, at no extra cost.


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