Turns users’ behavior from a weak link in the defensive chain to the first line of defense against Cyber Crime.

The human factor is the most crucial element for information security, used by cyber crime to insinuate itself into organizations with offensive strategies that are becoming increasingly sophisticated. In fact, it is the users themselves, with their behaviors that are not suited to the complexity of the challenge, who unknowingly open the door to attackers.

Cyber Guru provides a Cyber Security Awareness platform whose objective is to increase resistance to Cyber attacks, through permanent training courses capable of developing in people the ability to operate with safe behaviors guided by greater awareness.

The Methodology

The Cyber Guru platform was designed to maximize learning processes by developing 3 defensive characteristics of the individual: knowledge, perception of danger, readiness. To do this, advanced training programs are needed, based on innovative methodologies of lifelong learning, training and involvement, capable of minimizing the impact on the management functions of staff training and Cyber Security.

Three training programs in a single platform


Knowledge is managed through a cognitive training process based on a mainly didactic approach


The perception of danger is stimulated through inductive training which tends to act on the more emotional component of our brain


Training readiness is essential to act quickly by adopting the right behavior when faced with a danger

A complete Cyber Security Awareness platform

The platform is designed to transform the behavior of the workforce of any public or private organisation, any size or product category, thanks to 3 highly synergistic training courses.

  • Cyber Guru Awareness A cognitive educational program delivered on an e-learning basis that guarantees the gradual development of awareness through knowledge relating to network threats and the behavioral pattern to be adopted to prevent attacks.
  • Cyber Guru Channel An inductive training program that generates learning through the power of storytelling and video production. Following a narrative scheme typical of TV series, the student learns by identifying with the situations narrated in the different episodes.
  • Cyber Guru Phishing An experiential training program that trains individuals to resist phishing attacks in their various types. The program, automatic and adaptive, allows everyone a personalized workout based on individual experiences and the individual level of resistance to attacks.


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