Geo-distributed cloud storage that’s hyper-resilient, sovereign, and 100 100% S3 compatible

Cubbit, an Italian company and partner of Gaia-X, is the first geo-distributed cloud object storage in Europe. Its innovative technology guarantees hyper-resilience, digital sovereignty and 100% S3 compatibility — without additional costs for redundancy.

Today, Cubbit’s technology is adopted by 5,000+ customers, partners and businesses in 70+ countries around the world.

How a geo-distributed cloud works

Unlike traditional cloud storage, where data is stored on a few centralized data centers. Data uploaded to Cubbit is protected by several levels of security:

#1 Encryption

First, the data is encrypted with AES-256, a military-grade cryptographic algorithm.

#2 Fragmentation

The encrypted data is fragmented into N pieces, each indistinguishable from the other.

#3 Redundancy

These N pieces are multiplied into K fragments via the Reed-Solomon algorithm.

#4 Geo-distribution

Each fragment is replicated across multiple geographic locations within a single country.

This allows Cubbit to respond to the specific digital sovereignty needs of each country, helping companies to meet all compliance requirements (e.g. GDPR and ISO), while guaranteeing control over data and hyper-resilience to ransomware and localized disasters.

Also note that data remains inaccessible if individual nodes are breached, as no information is stored in its entirety. Furthermore, even if a hacker were to access and encrypt a node on the network, the service will continue to work without interruption.

Next generation data protection

  • Geo-redundancy without extra costs
  • Hyper-resilience to ransomware and disasters
  • Digital sovereignty and compliance with the strictest regulations (e.g. GDPR and ISO)
  • Environmental and economic sustainability

Cubbit’s main quality labels

✔️ ISO 9001 & 27001 certifications

✔️ 100% S3 compatible

✔️ GDPR compliant

✔️ S3 Object Lock

✔️ S3 Versioning

✔️ Geo-redundancy without extra costs

✔️ IAM policy

✔️ Lifecycle data management

Major use cases

  • Hyper-resilient and compliant cloud backup at a fraction of the cost.
  • Next-generation ransomware protection with immutability and encryption.
  • Archiving: Secure, compliant and convenient data storage.
  • Hybrid cloud: Secure, off-site backup of your NAS without paying for licenses.
  • Cloud-to-cloud: Automate scripting processes and migrate data with ease.
  • Cloud applications development with ease and performance.


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