Asset Discovery and Inventory solution that automatically generates a complete inventory of devices in the corporate environment, inside or outside the network.

A complete inventory of hardware and software is critical to the security of your enterprise digital assets and network.

Armis discovers and scans all devices and endpoints across the entire enterprise environment. Those connected directly to the network or present in the “air” space of the company. At central or remote offices. And also those of employees who work from home.

First, it integrates with the enterprise network, where it analyzes all traffic and device behavior. This allows you to discover not only approved devices, but also unapproved or unmanaged devices, including device-to-device behavior, wired and wireless connections, and even point-to-point technologies like Bluetooth and mesh technologies like Zigbee. Second, Armis integrates with your existing IT and security management tools to provide an additional layer of device identification, enabling you to identify security gaps and ensure automated policy enforcement. All this without the need for agents.

In fact, Armis takes a completely passive approach to monitoring devices, avoiding crashing or causing problems to the devices. It also doesn’t negatively affect network performance or users.


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